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Peggy Gotte


Peggy Gotte, an inspired and dedicated nurse, started IV Access in July of 2002. Peggy’s had an accomplished career prior to opening IV Access, it was both diversified and fulfilling. Peggy was one of the first woman firefighter/Paramedic’s in the state of Florida, and for the City of Delray Beach fire dept. Peggy held executive leadership positions within local hospitals as well as was responsible for one of the largest HBO Hyperbaric …

Mathew Huerlander


Mathew is the oldest of three children, after graduating high school Mathew became a firefighter/Paramedic but quickly knew he needed more challenges and went back to …

Melanie Huerlander

Director of Nurse, RN

Melanie was the first of the three children to go into nursing and obtain her RN license in 2011. Melanie knew from the start she wanted to be a vascular access nurse…

Shane Huerlander


Shane is the youngest of three, but certainly not the smallest measuring in at 6’8” and with a smile that would light up any patients day!

Maelena Hood

Office Assistant

Maelena Hood who is  better known as “Mae” has been with IV Access since 2014 as an office assistant. Her work ethic and loyalty along with her never-ending smile and need to please makes Mae a wonderful addition to our family. Mae is a devoted mother of three beautiful…

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