Registered Nurse, RN – PICC Team

Job Title: Vascular Access nurse

Location: Varies

Company: IV Access Inc.

Job Summary: Assess and identifies the vascular access needs of the patient. Procures, delivers and coordinates vascular access for the patient in the hospital and/or SNF setting.


  • Reports to:
    • CEO: Peggy Gotte
    • CNO: Melanie Huerlander

Job Qualification:

  • Valid State RN license
  • Valid PICC credentials & competencies
  • Valid CPR
  • Competency in the placement of PICC lines
  • High level Skills in critical thinking and assessment related to vascular access device selection
  • High level clinical communication skills with physicians and other clinical staff
  • Willingness to maintain and improve knowledge level related to vascular access with seminars, magazines and books

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assess patients with difficult access or need for long term IV therapy for appropriate vascular access device
    • Works with staff nurses, physicians, case managers and other team members to insure early assessment for VAD selection and implementation
  • Participates in education with Vascular Access education with patient, family members and staff
  • Reviews physicians order
  • Obtains consent
  • Reviews medical records for any contraindications of peripheral vascular access
  • Determines the best vascular access device for the patient base on medications, current access status, diagnoses, length of IV therapy and etc.
  • Places said vascular access device, (PICC, Midline, Peripheral) or recommends alternate means of access.
    • Reports directly to patients primary nurse and charge nurse or physician, if necessary.
  • Troubleshoots difficult complications of VAD’s or assists staff in troubleshooting.
  • Declot VAD’s or assists staff as a resource in declotting.
  • Places difficult peripheral IV’s with or without ultrasound as needed
  • Provides staff education on:
    • Care ad management
    • complication management
  • Document completely and accurately in the patients permanent medical record
  • Requests further clarification of unclear orders. Seeks assistance from supervisors when needed.

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